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STEVE BARTLETT: Pam Frampton makes Telegram history

Pam Frampton is the new managing editor of The Telegram.
Pam Frampton is the new managing editor of The Telegram. — Telegram file photo

Just read this story about her

Larry Harvey had an incredible story and I was anxious about getting it right.

Originally from Carmanville, N.L., Harvey spent a lot of time in Nashville in the early 1950s and became a musical contemporary of Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

Within a few years, his friends were superstars, but Harvey was working in an Ontario bread factory.

Frustrated his record company was focusing on big U.S. markets and not pushing his tunes in Newfoundland, Harvey put his music aside and focused on his family.

His son Shane was now trying to resurrect his dad’s career, through new recordings and documentary called “Paper Promises.”

It was a great story with a beautiful journey.

I had no concerns about readers loving it, but I was in bits about doing it justice. Trust me, writing for tens of thousands of readers can cause such insecurity.

My final draft came in way too long — over 1,000 words — and I didn’t think the writing was good enough to hold readers’ attention.

Enter Pam Frampton.

She was The Telegram’s story editor at the time.

I filed the article with hesitation about my work, but with confidence in her ability.

I knew she’d be necessarily ruthless in her editing and brutally frank with her feedback — that’s how she raised our content quality and helped writers grow.

I stewed nervously at my desk as she edited the piece.

“Oh my, it’s taking her a long time,” I told myself. “It must be garbage.”

After what seemed like a month of Sundays, Pam emerged from her computer screen, with a big smile on her face.

“That was excellent,” she said. “What a great story. I honestly didn’t want it to end.”

She didn’t want it to end. It was the greatest compliment an editor had — or has — ever given my words.

Her feedback became fuel, a thumbs up that gave me confidence in my writing ability, in my competence to hold a reader’s attention.

It was a watershed moment for me as a writer.

Which brings me to a watershed moment for Pam.

It’s a huge honour and great pleasure for me to tell you she is the new managing editor of The Telegram.

Pam is the first female managing editor in the paper’s nearly 140 years!

That’s an amazing accomplishment for the popular columnist and newsroom leader, someone who has mentored dozens of journalists and steered major projects, like last summer’s in-depth series on Her Majesty’s Penitentiary.

Pam is the first female managing editor in the paper’s nearly 140 years!

It’s also a milestone for the publication and its readers, one that’s long overdue.

Based on the impact she’s had on me over the years, I’m quite confident our community and province will be well-served having Pam at the helm.

She’s an amazing person who brings compassion, critical thinking, knowledge, respect and humour to everything she does.

Under her leadership, The Telegram will no doubt tell important stories and continue to serve the vital role it does in our democracy and in this province.

Please join me in welcoming and congratulating Pam.

One-hundred and 40 years after it started, this paper’s promise will continue and flourish under her guidance.

Steve Bartlett has moved into a new role within SaltWire Network, The Telegram’s parent company.

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