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Storm surge, debris creating havoc along coastal road in Trepassey

High tides, a full moon and a winter storm that has enveloped the east coast of Canada has residents of Trepassey sitting tight this morning.

Waves are pushing debris — that includes rocks and kelp — onto the roadway that runs along the beaches in the Southern Shore community, making the road impassable at this time.

Photos that have appeared on Facebook this morning posted by Clifford Doran of Trepassey show the strength of the storm.

“I wouldn’t advise that anyone go down there right now with a small car,’’ Doran said.

“You may be OK in an SUV or four-wheel drive,’’ he added noting there are rocks and kelp gathering on the roads that likely will make it impassable at this time.

There are signs posted all along the beach that warn of high tides and waves that can periodically cause these types of problems in the community.

The only thing residents can do at this time is hang tight and wait for the tide to change. This should help the storm surge subside and allow the local company contracted to a chance to do their work and re-open the road.

The Telegram will monitor the situation and add information on the situation as it becomes available.

A call has also been made to the Town of Trepassey at this time and The Telegram is waiting on a reply.

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