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Team Gushue extension open

Traffic on the Team Gushue Highway bound for the Kenmount Road exit.
Team Gushue Highway

The Team Gushue Highway extension from Kenmount Road to Topsail Road is now open, after repeated delays.

Transportation and Works made the announcement Friday afternoon.

The extension was supposed to open a week ago.

The Department of Transportation and Works has removed barricades at entrances to the highway at Kenmount Road, Captain Whelan Drive, the new Brier Avenue, Blackmarsh Road and Topsail Road.

Motorists are encouraged to drive carefully due to recent weather conditions and their unfamiliarity with the new section of the highway, Transportation and Works said.

Motorists travelling the highway to Topsail Road are reminded that the highway narrows to one lane near the Blackmarsh Road overpass. The second lane at this section will open when the highway extends beyond Topsail Road.

Eastbound motorists on Kenmount Road travelling to the Outer Ring Road will access the Team Gushue Highway via Kelsey Drive, as the ramp previously used to access Team Gushue Highway eastbound will now flow traffic south towards Topsail Road.

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