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The world could use more Milmore: Mount Pearl Citizen of the Year a tireless volunteer

Sandra Milmore was named Mount Pearl's 2017 Citizen of the Year in a ceremony at the Reid Community Centre Friday evening.
Sandra Milmore was named Mount Pearl's 2017 Citizen of the Year in a ceremony at the Reid Community Centre Friday evening. - Juanita Mercer

If Sandra Milmore finds out that someone could use a cooked meal, she’ll cook one herself and deliver it. The Mount Pearl Citizen of the Year said it’s something she learned from her mother.

“She instilled values into me,” said Milmore, who was awarded the Richard Levandier Award for 2017 Mount Pearl Citizen of the Year in a ceremony at the Reid Community Centre Friday night.

Milmore said her mother was “very kind” and was her “rock”.

“She went through hard times raising us and she never had an easy life, but she raised five of us and we all turned out alright,” said Milmore.

She said that despite hard times, her mother would help others as best she could, and that generous spirit influenced the person Milmore is today.

Moved to Mount Pearl from Colliers

Born and raised in Colliers in Conception Bay, Milmore moved to Mount Pearl 24 years ago.

“Once I got to Mount Pearl and started volunteering, it kind of got into my heart I guess. You see people struggling and it just breaks your heart, it really does. A lot of people are in need and if we can give them help, I’m all for that.”

Milmore is president of St. Vincent de Paul’s Newfoundland and Labrador Council, which consists of nine councils throughout the province. In this role, Milmore is responsible for carrying out the mandate of providing food and assistance to vulnerable members of society.

She is also president of the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary where she is described as one of their greatest assets and is known to be hard-working and someone who can always be counted on to arrange community projects.

Milmore volunteers for Mount Pearl City Days and the Frosty Festival, in addition to co-ordinating the Seniors Lunch and Senior Bingo programs in the city.

“I know Sandra to be down to the Knights of Columbus building five of the seven nights a week working hard,” said Mount Pearl Mayor Dave Aker.

“I’ll see her at the food bank anytime there’s a fundraiser going on or a food drive is happening, so I think she was a very, very worthy selection for Citizen of the Year. The other two people who were nominated are also outstanding citizens, and as I said at the ceremony, the honour is being nominated.”

Also nominated for Citizen of the Year were Bren Rumsey and Stephen Thistle.

Milmore said she was “very humbled, honoured, and flabbergasted” to receive the award, but she is no stranger to such honours.

In 2017, she was presented with the Canada 150 Community Leaders Local Hero Award, and along with her husband, was named the Knights of Columbus Father John B. Kent Council Family of the Year.

On top of all of her volunteer work, Milmore also works full time with Eastern Health’s Information Security and Privacy Office, where she’s worked for the past 30 years.

Milmore said she “doesn’t know” how she finds time to do it all, but consistently points out that she doesn’t do it alone.

“Everybody here in Mount Pearl, if you put out the call, everybody’s there. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s amazing. Everybody’s so close.  Everybody comes together if someone needs something.”

Milmore said what keeps her volunteering is the fact that people need volunteers.

“We see a big need for it, and it’s great to be able to do your own little part so that someone can maybe have a nice meal on their table for once a day, or just to help people out who are in need.”

After receiving the award Friday night, Milmore had little time to celebrate — she was busy organizing a paint night fundraiser with the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary for Sunday night.

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