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Two Straits girls selected for Sing NL


Northern Peninsula, N.L. — Two Northern Peninsula teenagers are getting a chance to showcase their vocal abilities in a province-wide contest.

Allie Gardner, 13, of Flower’s Cove and Mackenzie Genge, 17, of Anchor Point have been selected to participate in the competition round of Sing NL, taking place next month at the Majestic Theatre in St. John’s.
Both girls received notice on March 21 that the audition videos they submitted were approved. They were both thrilled with the news and the opportunity to take on this new and exciting adventure.
Sing NL is presented by The Telegram and Zack Werner’s Idol School NL. It is a province-wide signing competition. Former Canadian Idol judge Werner will provide coaching and mentoring to the contestants.
Allie and Mackenzie are two of 50 adults and 50 youth who will perform in front of a panel of 10 judges. Allie will participate in the kids category and Mackenzie will be in the adult category.
There will be a winner in each category, crowned at a live event on May 20.

Thirteen-year-old Allie Gardner of Flower’s Cove performed “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna in her audition video for Sing NL.

Meet Allie Gardner
Allie, 13, is from Flower’s Cove. She will be participating in the category for kids eight to 15-year-olds on April 12.
Allie has been singing as far back as she can remember. She’s sung at local school concerts before but this will be her first time singing competitively.
In her audition video, she performed “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna.
She enjoys pop music, like Rihanna, and intends to sing something “jazzy” and a country song for her performances at the Majestic Theatre.
“I’m really excited,” says Allie. “It’s going to be a brand new experience for me. I’m sure I’m going to be pretty nervous but that’s kind of good nerves.”

Seventeen-year-old Mackenzie Genge of Anchor Point performed “All I Know” by Katie Baggs and “Let it Be” by Brooke White at her school’s Awards Night last year. These were the same two songs she performed for her Sing NL audition.

Meet Mackenzie Genge
Mackenzie, 17, is from Anchor Point. She will be participating in the 15 and over category on April 26.
Mackenzie has been singing since she was a little kid. She first performed publicly, she says, when she was in Grade 7. She has continued to perform since then but Sing NL will be a whole new experience for her.
In her audition video, she performed “Let it Be” by Brooke White and “All I Know” by Katie Baggs.
She enjoys country and folk music and older music in general. But she hasn’t decided yet on what she’ll perform at the Majestic Theatre.
“I’m really excited but I’m really nervous,” she says.

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