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Neville murder trial to start in St. John's Thursday morning

Steven Michael Neville - Photo by Rosie Mullaley
Steven Michael Neville - Rosie Mullaley file photo/The Telegram

After three days of jury selection, the murder trial of Steven Neville will begin Thursday morning at Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court in St. John's.
The six-woman, six-man jury was chosen, along with two alternate jurors, by mid-afternoon Wednesday. Hundred of other potential jury members, who had patiently spent three days in the courtroom as the selection process took place, were dismissed. The jury was asked to return to the courthouse Thursday morning for the start of the 10-week trial.
Justice Robert Stack will instruct the jurors before prosecutors Jason House and Jessica Gallant and defence lawyers Bob Buckingham and Robert Hoskins present their opening remarks.
The jury selection process was more complicated than usual because the court was using a challenge for cause procedure. It's a process often used in cases that have had extensive media coverage, and involves potential jurors being questioned about their knowledge of the case and their ability to remain impartial.
Neville's case has been the subject of in-depth coverage from local media outlets in the past, since this is the second time he has gone to trial for the murder of Doug Flynn and the attempted murder of Ryan Dwyer.
Flynn was fatally stabbed in the head and Dwyer was injured during an altercation on Carlisle Drive in Paradise eight years ago.
After his original trial in 2013, a jury found Neville guilty of second-degree murder. That conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada two years later, after the court took issue with the trial judge's instructions to the jury and ordered a new trial.
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