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Newtown man charged with drug impaired driving after traffic stop in Gambo

RCMP. - Sara Ericsson


A 51-year-old man from Newtown has been charged for drug impaired driving.

According to a RCMP release, Glovertown RCMP received a tip of a possible impaired driver in Gambo on Dec. 30 and stopped the described vehicle shortly thereafter.

The man, who was transporting two passengers at the time, including a child, was taken before a drug recognition evaluator and completed a drug recognition evaluation.

His driver’s licence was suspended and he was released from custody with a court date set for this April.

The RCMP NL is reminding the public that impaired driving by drug can occur with prescription medications.

Drivers must ensure they are familiar with any prescription medications they may be taking and follow any advice from a doctor or a pharmacist with respect to the operation of a motor vehicle after consuming them, the release stated.

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