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Pickup slams into house in St. John's Saturday night, man charged with impaired driving

Also charged with failing breathalyzer and leaving scene of an accident

One man was charged with impaired driving, failing the breathalyzer and leaving the scene of an accident Saturday night after the truck he was driving slammed into a house on Carpasian Road.

It appears the truck clipped a utility pole, crossed a neighbouring lawn and slammed into the side porch of the home. The homeowner told the Telegram that he was watching television when the truck hit his house. He said when he went to check what happened, the driver attempted, several times, to back away from the house but was unable to do so.

The driver was placed in the back of an RNC cruiser when police arrived on scene.

When the Telegram photographer arrived, police and firefighters were talking to an injured male passenger who was standing next to the truck. No one in the home was hurt but the porch and truck suffered extensive damage.

The passenger did not go to the hospital.

More details will be provided as they become available.

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