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Consultants named to conduct Sunnyside feasibility study on Bull Arm boundary changes

Bull Arm fabrication site during Hebron construction.
Bull Arm fabrication site during Hebron construction. - file photo


In the effort to expand municipal boundaries for the Town of Sunnyside — to include the nearby Bull Arm Fabrication Site and the Stock Cove Archeological Discovery — the province has announced they have moved a step closer to that becoming a reality.

In a release issued at the end of November, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment approved Sunnyside’s request for a feasibility study into the matter, as reported earlier this year.

However, in addition, the consultants set to conduct the feasibility study have been named —LW Consulting, based out of the metro area.

In the government release, Sunnyside Mayor Gerald Snook said he is pleased with the government’s support in the process, including the work of Placentia West-Bellevue MHA Mark Browne. He adds that the Stock Cove archeological find being included with Bull Arm to be important, saying it should be protected for generations to come.

He also noted including the Bull Arm Fabrication Site is vital for his community’s growth.

“In the past, tenants at Bull Arm have supported the Town of Sunnyside,” he said. “However, the opportunity of long-term sustainable support that comes from industry at Bull Arm site can bring necessary growth to the community.”

Gerard Lewis of LW Consulting told The Packet once the order for the feasibility study is gazetted by the Department of Municipal Affairs, they will have more information regarding further steps — like timelines, contact information and more.

The Packet will have more information as it becomes available.

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