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FFAW-Unifor pleased with DFO panel recommendations on marine conservation process changes

FFAW-Unifor president Keith Sullivan
FFAW-Unifor president Keith Sullivan.

The Fish Food and Allied Workers (FFAW-Unifor) union is applauding recommendations contained in a final report on Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) produced by the Department of Fisheries and Ocean’s National Advisory Panel.

Union president Keith Sullivan says the recommendations take into account the socioeconomic factors of conservation targeted closures.

We have been very vocal on the double standard that exists in conservation areas allowing oil and gas while shutting out all fishing activity, and we formally submitted these and other concerns to the advisory panel,” Sullivan stated in a release.

The report recommends that the federal government standardize restrictions amongst all MPAs in the country and that other conversation areas such as marine refuges have more flexible conditions to meet the circumstances of different regions.

Currently, FFAW-Unifor says fishing activity is restricted in marine refuges in this province, while industrial activities are not.

The union was also happy to see the panel address concerns among fish harvesters about the lack of consultation.

We are hopeful that these recommendations will ensure there is no double standard with industrial activities permitted in marine conservation areas, and are also optimistic that consultations going forward will be meaningful to ensure the social, economic and cultural concerns of our members are reflected in future decisions,” concluded Sullivan.

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