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Random 567 Air Cadets wrap up training with annual inspection in Clarenville, N.L.


It was another day of pomp and ceremony for the Random 567 Air Cadet Squadron in Clarenville, N.L.

Boots were polished, tunics pressed and not a hair out of place under 26 wedges — that’s Air Cadet hats in laymen’s terms — as the squadron marched onto the square on May 25 for the annual inspection.

This event signals the end of the training year for the squadron, and showcases for parents, guardians and the inspecting party, the skills the cadets have learned during the year.

The annual inspection is also the point where the squadron says good-bye to cadets who are ageing out. 

This year was the last for four cadets — Squadron commander W01 Jolene Butt, F/Cpl Nicholas Burns, WO2 Liam Chappell and Band Major WO2 Abigail Maloney — who have completed high school and are moving on to post-secondary studies and other opportunities.

WO2 Maloney, who spent some time in Sea Cadets before joining the 567 Air Cadet squadron, plans to pursue a career as a pilot. She says she’s learned a lot from the cadet program and she will miss the weekly meetings and the friends she made.

WO1 Jolene Butt followed in the footsteps of her older brother, joining Random 567 squadron when she was 12 years old.

During her years with the squadron she’s participated in public speaking events and drill competitions, and enjoyed time at Cadet summer camps at Greenwood, Nova Scotia. This summer she will be a staff cadet at the camp in Greenwood to complete her final year in the program.

She told the Packet it’s been a great experience.

“I’ve made so many friends, not just here but across Canada.

“And it helped me in a lot of ways, teaching me things I will use in my life.”

Her ultimate goal is to become a lawyer.

WO2 Chappell says he was a “really quiet guy who didn’t really talk to anyone” before he joined the cadet program.

“Now I can talk to anyone, no problem,” he says, citing the leadership skills he gained from the Cadet program.

He heads off to Memorial University in the fall.

The annual inspection is also an opportunity for the squadron to recognize cadets for their work during the year, with the presentation of awards.

This year’s recipients were:

- LAC William Holloway, Best Dressed Junior Cadet

- WO2 Abigail Maloney, Best Dressed Senior Cadet

- Cpl Jillian Pardy, Best Junior Cadet in Personal Drill

- FSgt Tai Winsor, Best Senior Cadet in Personal Drill

- LAC Billie Wicks, Most Dedicated Musician

- FCpl Nicolas Barfett, Most Dedicated Cadet

- WO2 Liam Chappell, Parsons Effective Speaking Award

- Cpl Jessie Somerton, Gary Greening Memorial Trophy for Top Marksman

- Cpl Nathan Butt, Thomas Vokey Memorial Trophy for Most Athletic

- FCpl Blade Greening, Capt. William Mercer Trophy for Most Improved Cadet

- LAC Laura Carville, Stan Collins Trophy for Top Level 1 Cadet

- LAC Abigayle Little, Top Leve 2 Cadet

- FCpl Keiran Gill, Top Level 3 Cadet

- FCpl Zachary Rose, Commanding Officers Cup

- WO2 Liam Chappell, Most Outstanding Cadet

- FSgt Tai Winsor, Legion Medal of Excellence

- WO2 Abigail Maloney, Lord Strathcona Award

- Service medals were presented to: FSgt Tai Winsor, 4-year medal; and WO1 Jolene Butt, WO2 Liam Chappell and WO2 Abigail Maloney, 5-year bar and rosettes.

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