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Recognizing student achievement — Labrador Straits Academy annual awards


Just before Christmas Labrador Straits Academy held its annual awards night.

This was a time for to celebrate the achievements of students for the school year, 2017-18.

Students were recognized for their achievement (s); distinguishing themselves in many facets of school life. 

Many excelled in academic achievement, gaining top grades in their subjects and grade levels; many had proven themselves to be outstanding athletes in their particular fields; some had taken on the mantle of leadership and had proven themselves to be wonderful role-models; others gave their personal time and talent to serving others in their volunteer activities, while another facet excelled in the arts with their singing, playing and dramatic interests.

The school congratulates all its students on their accomplishments.

Awards were presented, by former recipients, in the following genres:

First, second and third place position per grade:

Grade 7: 1st – Priyanshu Gunput; 2nd – Natalie Fequet; 3rd – Noah Normore

Grade 8: 1st – Lina Shubair; 2nd – Alicia Griffin; 3rd – TJ Flynn

Grade 9: 1st – James Jones; 2nd – Keegan Fowler and Cheyanne Normore; 3rd – Matthew Gibbons

Level I: 1st – Alyson Thomas; 2nd – Naomi Butt; 3rd – Natasha Normore

Level II: 1st – Kyla O’Brien; 2nd – Sarah Pike; 3rd – William Barney

Level III: 1st – Amelia Jones (recipient of Labrador Straits Academy Bursary); 2nd – Aimee Buckle (recipient of Anglican Church Bursary); 3rd – Hannah Etheridge (recipient of Forteau Lion’s Club Bursary)

Michael J. Kelly/NL Volunteer Award, in memory of Mike Kelly, a former teacher of Our Lady of Labrador School. Presented by Michelle Brown to Shawna Normore.

Kendra Pike Memorial Scholarship, in memory of Kendra Pike, a former student of Our Lady of Labrador. Presented by Cheyanne Normore to Miguel Belben.

Paula J. Normore Scholarship, presented by Paula’s parents, Betty and Dennis Normore to Amelia Jones.

Justin Noel Memorial Scholarship, in memory of Justin Noel, a former graduate of Mountain Field Academy, presented by Adele Buckle (LSA music teacher), presented to Aimee Buckle, Amelia Jones and Shawna Normore.

Rumbolt Inspiration & Education Award, awarded to a student who has inspired others by overcoming personal challenges and continuing on with his or her education. Presented by Karen Davis, representative for Labrador MP Yvonne Jones, to Devin Barney.

Archdeacon Francis Buckle Memorial Award, in memory of Archdeacon Doctor Francis Buckle, ordained to the ministry in 1962, born in Buckle’s Point, Labrador. Presented by Kristen Pike to Shawna Normore.

Tyler Letto Memorial Scholarship, in memory of Tyler Letto, a former student of Mountain Field Academy. Presented by Brady Normore, awarded to Hannah Etheridge.

Governor General’s Medallion, presented by Kristen Pike to Amelia Jones.

Labrador Straits Academy Graduate of the Year Award, presented by principal Colleen O’Brien to Amelia Jones.

Special Group Achievement Award, presented to Labrador Straits Academy’s Girls’ Ball Hockey Team, and coach Rod Beals. Team members include Shawna Normore (captain), Shelby Normore, Hannah Etheridge, Kyla O’Brien, Sarah Pike, Alyson Thomas, Naomi Butt, Nicole Smith, Cheyanne Normore, Sara Thomas and Zoey Normore. The girls team won silver at the provincial tournament bringing back the first provincial placement banner for Labrador Straits Academy.

Special Group Recognition Award, presented to Labrador Straits Academy’s Best Buddies Chapter. Teacher sponsor, Maisie Groves and Best Buddies members Thomas Flynn, Donovan Barney, Ryan French and Taylor Groves.

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