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Central Regional Appeal Board in place

['Glovertown mayor Doug Churchill']
['Glovertown mayor Doug Churchill']

Hearings to resume after training is complete: Municipal Affairs

CENTRAL, N.L. – After more than a year defunct, as a result of insufficient members, the Central Regional Appeal Board is back in place.

The Department of Municipal Affairs stated five members were appointed to the board May 10.

The new members are chairperson Stephen Burbridge, William Carter, David Oxford, Gerald Thompson and Barry John Thomson.

“The board currently has eight appeals to be heard,” read an issued statement from Municipal Affairs. “The department is making arrangements for training for new members and dates for appeal hearings will be scheduled when training is complete.”

The board had been defunct since March 2017, when only one out of the five board seats was filled. A minimum of three board members are required to carry out a review.

Glovertown Mayor Doug Churchill was one of several central Newfoundland community leaders calling for the board to be reinstated.

“These appeals were left untouched, nothing was happening and anything of any significance has been held up for more than a year,” he said. “So, it’s great to hear that they are going to set up again.”

His municipality had been waiting more than a year for an appeal hearing surrounding the placement of a proposed warehouse at the Glovertown Marina.

The wait for an appeal was so long the location of the warehouse was changed and built elsewhere on the property.

Churchill was unsure if the Glovertown appeal was still being upheld, but, if so, the hearing would bring some closure to the matter.

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