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Fortune native finishes third at AUS Track & Field Championships

['Tyler Forsey']
Tyler Forsey finished third in men’s 60m sprint during the Atlantic University Sport’s 2018 Subway AUS Track and Field Championships held Feb 23-24 at the University of Moncton.

Tyler Forsey making plans for the future

FORTUNE, NL – Tyler Forsey of Fortune, currently the only dual-sport athlete at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN), is giving some thought to the future of his athletic career.

He currently plays soccer for MUN’s Sea Hawks and is a member of the university’s track and field team.

Forsey was at the University of Moncton Feb. 23-24 competing in the Atlantic University Sport’s 2018 Subway AUS Track & Field Championships, claiming bronze in the men’s 60m sprint.

“It was a positive experience, especially with only a couple months’ training,” said Forsey, who splits his focus between track and soccer.

“I've never committed a full season’s training toward track, so I would be interested to see how I would fare if I treated track the same as I have soccer all these years.”

Forsey said he enjoys the individualized aspect of track.
“There is still a team balance but when it comes to competing, all the pressure is on one individual, which is a risky business because if you succeed you reap the rewards yourself but if it doesn't go your way, then you carry that weight all on yourself.”

He added he is pleased with his performance in the event since it was only the third indoor meet he has competed in, but knows there is room for improvement.

“I know I can improve my time and become much quicker with more time dedicated to track,” he said. “That's why I'm debating the full switch over to track instead of juggling soccer and track.
“They are polar opposites so I would love to see how quick I can become while only focusing on track.”

Forsey is still training with the track and field team but will have to decide by spring if he will continue to focus on both sports or just one.

“So, I will (be) deciding that very soon.”

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