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The Muskrat Falls Inquiry (Phase II)

The Muskrat Falls generation dam’s spillway and powerhouse are shown in Oct. 2017.
The Muskrat Falls generation dam’s spillway and powerhouse are shown in Oct. 2017. - The Canadian Press

A comprehensive and chronological collection of Telegram coverage

ST. JOHN'S, N.L. —

With Phase I in the books, the Commission of Inquiry into Muskrat Falls has moved into Phase II. Once again, we've tasked reporter Ashley Fitzpatrick with coverage.

To make this information a little easier to find and digest, we're compiling a chronological list all of our coverage from the inquiry in one place.

We'll be updating this as Phase II of the inquiry continues, so be sure to check back often.

Click here for our collection of Phase I coverage.

Inquiry break (Dec. 22-Feb.17) 

STORY OF THE YEAR: Muskrat Falls Inquiry starts strong in 2018 

Nalcor concerned about next phase of Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Commission seeks perspective from on-site workers

Muskrat Inquiry testimony not related to senior staffer’s move: Newfoundland and Labrador premier

Nalcor, Muskrat Falls inquiry commission fight over construction phase audit report redactions

Muskrat Falls Inquiry Commissioner quashes Nalcor request

Witnesses from Astaldi yet to be named for Muskrat Fall Inquiry

Commissioner will look at work of independent engineer

Muskrat Falls inquiry now looking into construction

Week 1 (Feb. 18-22)

Nalcor knew about SNC-Lavalin’s 2013 risk report: auditor 

Consultation efforts not good enough, Chief Jean-Charles Piétacho says 

Auditor dives deep on Muskrat Falls project overruns

Auditor highlights early commitments to Muskrat Falls project

Public Utilities Board has lots of questions for Nalcor

Nalcor Energy aware of limits in geotechnical information

Former Nalcor CEO did not have copy of SNC-Lavalin report

Auditor walks through construction report

Auditor stands by report under questioning at Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Nalcor defends hiring Astaldi Canada

Astaldi Canada challenges ‘poor performance’ commentary

No change in Muskrat Falls project cost

N.L. government not responsive, land protectors say

Witnesses explain reasons for on-site protests

Week 2 (Feb. 25-Mar. 1)

Consultant disagreed with SNC-Lavalin's Muskrat Falls project estimate

Nalcor and Astaldi met in London, New York, Rome

Auditor’s report doesn’t match what cabinet knew, Paul Davis tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

Weren’t aware of reports, Nunatsiavut representatives say

Nalcor Energy provides evidence of reports sent to Nunatsiavut

Former minister Derrick Dalley says he worked from information he had

Democratic reform linked to Muskrat Falls project woes: NDP

Nalcor looked all over to fill integrated project team, Muskrat Falls Inquiry hears

Week 3 (Mar. 15, and Mar. 19-Mar. 22)

Two brothers and a dome: a Muskrat Falls story

Workers describe Muskrat Falls as ‘toxic’ workplace

Province asked no questions, independent engineer tells Muskrat Falls Inquiry

‘Shame on Nalcor’ project director tells Independent Engineer

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