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Zombie apocalypse car from Port Blandford turning heads

Toni Stagg and her zombie car.
Toni Stagg and her zombie car.

PORT BLANDFORD, NL— There are a lot of eye-catching decorations on Toni Stagg's property in Port Blandford, including a couple of ginormous inflatable black cats, monsters and skeletons.

But there's one decoration that really stands out— although you might not always catch a glimpse of it driving by Stagg's home.

You might see it driving around Port Blandford. Or Clarenville. Or even in St. John's.

It's a Chrysler 300 Hemi that could easily double as a prop out of The Walking Dead or a George A. Romero movie, with it's bloody hood, handprints, and severed arm sticking out from the front grill.

Stagg says she saw a car on Instagram decorated in a similar fashion, and –fueled by a love of zombie apocalypse stories such as The Walking Dead –she quickly set to work.

It's the first year she's ever made a “zombie car,” and she says she's pleased with the results.  

She says the car gets plenty of attention.

“I've been stopped by a nice few people who say they really like it,” she said.

The blood is actually Plasti Dip, a brand of peel-off rubber paint.  It doesn't wash off in the rain, but wipes off easily.

Stagg says she had the paint, which cost around $20, since the middle of September, but had to wait until at least the first of October before decorating.

She hopes to do the same again next year, only with more blood added.

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