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Châu Nguyên

IN MEMORIAM NGUYÊN Dr. CHÂU NGUYÊN August 18, 2014 Dearest Châu, We pray that you are at peace and reunited with your beloved parents, family and friends. Here, you are deeply missed by your family and friends and many others whom you befriended and aided during your time with us. You were always charitable, courteous, gentle and friendly with the most wonderful dry sense of humour. Always a shining testament to the teachings of your very eminent relative Cardinal Francis Xavier, Nguyên, who wrote beautiful words of inspiration during thirteen years of solitary confinement in prison. “You excuse yourself saying, “I cannot perform acts of charity because I have no money.” Why do you think you need money to practice charity? What about the charity of a smile and a warm handshake, the charity of human compassion and understanding, the charity of a visit or a remembrance in your prayers?” Van Thuan, Francis Xavier Nguyen, The Road of Hope: A Gospel from Prison You are never far from our thoughts and prayers. Frances, Kevin, Aiden and your family and friends.

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