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Cheers & Jeers

A cluster of party balloons climbs skyward. — AP file photo
A cluster of party balloons climbs skyward. — AP file photo

Cheers: to up, up and away. Ever wonder what happens when a bunch of party balloons is released or just tugged out of someone’s hand by the wind and drifts away? Well they don’t just disappear. In Ontario on June 30, a cluster of balloons was spotted by an Air Canada Boeing 737 en route from Vancouver to Toronto, and again by an Air Georgian Limited Beech 1900 on approach to Toronto at approximately 2,000 feet. The balloons triggered a report from NAV Canada, which noted, fortunately, there was no impact to operations.

Cheers and Jeers: to roadwork. Jeers because it happens every summer and slows drivers on their commutes, leading to late arrivals, frayed nerves and bursts of impatience. Cheers, because the end result is smoother pavement and more visible lines. It’s necessary, folks. Turn up the radio, have some patience and chill a little. You’ll get there.

Jeers: to uninvited guests. The Associated Press reported last week that what an Atlanta woman thought was a black cat that had climbed into her minivan through windows she’d left open to beat the heat was actually a large black bear. Carrie Watts told WSB-TV the bear helped itself to her sandwich, chips and a cookie, busted up her child’s car seat and shredded paperwork. After about a half an hour, the bear got back out through the window and climbed a tree. Talk about un-bear-able behaviour! Next time, Mr. Bruin, at least bring your own lunch.

Jeers: to eating forbidden fruit. And speaking of pilferers, Canada Post told The Canadian Press it has spoken to a mail carrier after he was caught on security footage — on four different days in June and July — plucking tomatoes from a hanging basket outside a home. CTV broadcast the footage and resident Paula Habib said until she saw it, she figured squirrels were the bandits. CTV reported the mail carrier was also seen picking a neighbour’s strawberries. Canada Post has apologized for the employee’s inappropriate behaviour. There’s no word on whether squirrels in the neighbourhood will be launching a defamation suit. We hear they’d be willing to settle for peanuts.

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