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DAVE WHITE: The Bay of Islands shores come to life in July and August

Dave White
Dave White - SaltWire Network

The Bay of Islands is abuzz and atwitter in outport living and wilderness adventure, as well as in the sports camps, festive family times, music and more, already under way and just ahead.

Sport and fitness culture, leisure and playtime pursuits remain a valued part of the community life.

Templeton Academy, the regional all-grade school in Meadows, remains in the summer fun, playing host for a pair of north shore activity camps for elementary students.

Students graduating to grades 1-3 in the fall were back in the gymnasium taking part in the first of the camps under head instructor, the school’s physical education teacher, Pearce Penton. The four-day primary schedule winds up Friday. The slate, which runs daily from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. includes soccer, basketball, scooters, parachute play, bowling, tag games, nature walks and playground activities.

Student instructors are Jack Delaney, a Templeton varsity basketball player, and softballer Julie Lawrence.

Parents and guardians of students going to grade 4-6 next school year can now register their charges for the next camp, July 16-19. Activities there will also include soccer, basketball and nature walks, as well as softball and floor hockey and field activities.

In Gillams, town council has honoured lifelong resident and local recreation leader Scott Blanchard and his team of volunteers in their ongoing commitment to restore the community ballpark and playgrounds to former glory.

Council has named the Gillams ballpark “Scott’s Field of Dreams,” recently unveiling colourful new signage befitting of the project Blanchard has led since its beginning.

This summer Scott’s Field of Dreams welcomes the addition of a Wednesday evening men’s slowball league to the bay’s growing calendar of community events.

The bay shore is additionally fitted with local hiking trails, ball courts and other facilities that enable a variety of conventional sports and assorted outdoor and out-of-the-rain entertainments by which to recreate oneself in the proven wiles of summers by the sea.

Winds of change yet blow

The first long weekend of the resident and recreational groundfish season saw most participants achieve their daily catch limits, but much of the favoured cod fish taken over the side were of the smaller variety.

A big cod fishing derby will be held as part of the McIvers summer Rock The Rattler festival, July 20-21. The official schedule for competitive weigh-ins at Warren Lovell’s fish shed on Wharf Road, from 1-130 p.m. and from 7:30- 8 p.m. that Saturday and Sunday.

Rock the Rattler events begins with a 3-on-3 mixed darts tournament, sponsored by the McIvers Men’s Darts League, at the community hall.

The McIvers Community Improvement Club is host for a $500 super bingo jackpot night at the community hall on Wednesday evening. Doors open at 7:30.

A prize cards game is at the Golden Seabreeze 50-Plus Club on Friday. The outdoor McIvers bandstand concerts start at the Wade Parsons Memorial Sports Field that night featuring an array of local and area talent. A memory lantern release precedes an appearance by the well-liked Western Connection group.

A big festival breakfast 10 a.m. at the community hall kicks off Saturday’s lineup of events, which includes activities for children at the festival site from 1-3 p.m.

The popular Baloney and Tatties band opens the music and dance that evening at 8 p.m, with festival fireworks set for 10:30, to be followed by featured professional performers The Mixed Tapes.

Among other things coming up next month is the annual BayFest celebrations in Humber Arm South. The major attraction at the Benoit’s Cove venue this year is Nashville country music recording artist Mark Chesnutt.

An exciting summer lays ahead.

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