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Flu shot
Flu shot

Jeers: to a shot in the dark. The provincial government issued a news release last Tuesday encouraging citizens to get a flu shot and pointing out where free flu vaccination clinics will be held, which is helpful. However, the news release also included this line: “People can still get a flu shot free of charge as part of an office visit with their family physician.” The Newfoundland and Labrador Medical Association was quick to respond with a news release of its own, throwing the ball back in the government’s court. “Patients should be advised that not all family doctors will be providing flu shot services this year,” the NLMA news release said. “The recent decision of government to discontinue funding for physician-provided flu shot services is the cause of this situation.” Touché! As a result of this situation, doctors can no longer bill $17 per flu shot through MCP, and anyone who sees their doctor solely for a flu shot could potentially trigger a $32 billing through MCP for a regular office visit, costing taxpayers nearly double.


Cheers: to our readers. The Telegram and its parent company, SaltWire Network, held a social gathering at The Rooms in St. John’s Thursday night as part of the Open Up Project, through which we’re encouraging readers to let us know their thoughts on local media. The strong turnout and the feedback — good, bad and ugly (the feedback, that is, not our guests!) — were greatly appreciated and heartening. No signs of apathy among our readers. You are passionate about news coverage, engaged in your community and not shy to speak your mind. Bravo.


Jeers: to the end of an era. You’ll be missed, Sears — not least for the loss of your catalogues, which meant different things to different people. Sure, they were a shopping guide, but they were so much more. Who will quickly forget the nightshirt-clad men in the Christmas edition, gathered in picture-perfect groupings, sporting matching nightcaps and oohing and aahing over flawlessly wrapped presents (did they have pyjama parties for adults, or what?) Or the innocent childhood fantasy of picking out furniture, draperies and bedding for the house of your dreams? Ah, those were the days.


Cheers: to safe landings. Flight 666 has made it safety to HEL. That’s right, HEL, not hell. As in the airport designation for Helsinki, Finland. That’s what the Associated Press reported on Friday, Oct. 13. In fact, the Finnair flight originating in Copenhagen, Denmark has made it safely to HEL on Friday the 13th 21 times in its 11-year history. However, fearful of tempting fate any longer, Finnair has now retired the flight number, and Flight 666 will hereafter be known as Flight 954. Very superstitious.

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