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EDITORIAL: Cheers & Jeers

Municipal Affairs and Environment Minister Eddie Joyce. SaltWire Network file photo
Eddie Joyce says he’ll stand up any chance he gets to defend himself. — Telegram file photo

Cheers: to having too much material for Cheers & Jeers this week. First up? Here’s Eddie (Your Tax Dollars at Work) Joyce, representing his constituents in the House of Assembly during a debate on carbon taxes. Oh no — forget examining legislation. Instead, Joyce decided to go off on a tangent about how badly he’s been treated during an investigation into his conduct, and he says he’s going to do it again: “I went through this report here, the report here with the member for Placentia-St. Mary’s, do you know there are about 28 false statements that I’ve found so far; 28 false statements that’s proven by witnesses or documentation to back up to prove the allegations are 100 per cent false, but yet I’m the big, bad bully. I’m the big, bad guy here in this whole House of Assembly. I told my friends every chance I’ll get I’ll stand up. Every chance I get I’ll stand up to show what has happened because I can tell you if it happened to me it could happen to anybody. But I tell you, I’m not lying down with any of this.” As the Speaker of the House might put it, Mr. Joyce, your time has expired.

Jeers: to spending money to make — sorry — lose money. So, it’s more events, more sports teams — and a need for a bigger subsidy. The City of St. John’s is adding $752,000 in subsidies for St. John’s Sports and Entertainment, the city-owned business that operates Mile One and the St. John’s Convention Centre, bringing the total subsidy next year to $2.9 million. In truth, all of that additional subsidy — and more — is going to support Mile One. The convention centre is actually getting $25,000 less next year. The culprit? Reduced advertising and corporate box purchases, along with lagging attendance. It’s strange: in past years, the argument was always that the facility needed anchor sports teams to reduce the subsidy needed to keeps the doors open. Hasn’t turned out that way, though.

Cheers: to blank spaces. So, the CBC has obtained the hiring form for Carla Foote, the Liberal insider handed a $132,000 a year position at The Rooms, and in it, the box that might explain why the job was handed out on an urgent basis without a job competition, an interview, or pretty much anything else is remarkably … blank. The “Rationale for Staffing” section is just empty white space, but Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation Minister Chris Mitchelmore went ahead and signed the hiring form anyway. So, what’s the reason for that? Is it that there actually was no reason for the rush hiring, or is it that the real reason was just too embarrassing to put down? Memo to the minister: “patronage” is spelled “P … A … T …”

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