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Letter: Be careful what you wish for with gun laws

Canadian legislation restricts gun ownership
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Letter writer Graham Armour (“Take some pride in Canada’s sensible gun laws,” The Telegram, May 22) ought to be careful playing the no-one-needs this card, to justify his view on gun control. Because next thing you know, someone else will use it to ban something that he
might like.

No one really needs an SUV, and so many people are killed each year in accidents ... They ought to be banned.
No one really needs beer and wine, and alcohol is a major factor in so many tragedies ... It ought to be banned.
No one needs cheeseburger and pizza. Obesity is a killer and a major burden on our health-care system ... They ought to be banned.
Personally, I think we would be better served helping people in distress instead of trying to control/classify objects.

But that’s just my opinion.
Hope all is well on the rock.

Michel Trahan
Maria, Qc.

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