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Letter: Harbour Grace can have Jerome Kennedy

I always enjoy reading Tom Careen’s saucy, satirical commentary on Newfoundland politics. (“Lost with all hands” Monday, July 9) was no exception.

But there is one correction to make in the piece. Jerome Kennedy is not from Harbour Grace, he was born and raised in Carbonear. He was bused to high school in Harbour Grace and attended St. Francis High which was then administered by the Irish Christian Brothers for the Roman Catholic School Board for Conception Bay North with its district Office in Carbonear.

Kennedy was elected for the Electoral District of Carbonear and served as a cabinet minister in the Danny Williams’ government when legislation was enacted exempting Muskrat Falls from PUB oversight.

However, as a former Carbonearian, born and raised there, I and many of my friends who are also customers of Newfoundland Power and who still reside in the “Hub of the Bay” have no objection if Harbour Grace wishes to claim Mr. Kennedy as its native son and will not be filing a defence to that effect.

William Butt


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