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Letter: Praise for all fish

N.L.’s Barry Group has lost a Federal Court review of a DFO decision on the 2016 mackerel fishery.

I take this opportunity to comment to the Russell Wangersky item, “For the love of Cod.” (The Telegram, May 4.)

To summarize his item, during a recent trip in the Maritimes, Russell ate at various eateries. It appears he had deep fried haddock and fries, and he relates his aversion to the look, smell and taste of the haddock.

Obviously, he doesn’t like haddock.

Why he ordered it is puzzling to me. He hates the stuff.

He goes on to sing the praises of cod. And I agree, cod is a wonderful and praiseworthy fish.

I also know that haddock is a wonderful, praiseworthy fish.

Likewise, sameday caught pan-fried mackerel and also herring, salted, kippered or marinaded. And deep fried clams. I could go on and on.

The bounty of the sea is wonderful. It is various and tasty. The fish is maybe the only food on this Earth that has not been intentionally adulterated by mankind. No hormones, no antibiotics, no genetic modifications. Wonderful, glorious food from the sea.

In closing, I suggest that 500,000 Newfoundlanders can’t be wrong. Likewise, 1,800,000 Maritimers can’t be wrong, either.

Cod or haddock, to each his preference, if there is one.

But praise to all that our Atlantic provides to our table. Amen.

Jeremy Wickens

Mount PEarl

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