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LETTER: A modest Muskrat proposal

An aerial photo of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam project in central Labrador (2018).
An aerial photo of the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric dam project in central Labrador (2018). - Contributed

I thoroughly enjoyed Brian Jones’ Rate/Rat Mitigation column. In fact “flirting with freezing” was the impetus required to finally install a backup generator.

My comments today will not address the rat problem, but I believe I have a solution for rate mitigation that, quite frankly, I’m a little disappointed your people haven't explored.

With all the ink that’s been dedicated to Muskrat Falls and the threat of doubled rates, I’m amazed no one came up with it.

So take a seat and hold onto your hat, this simple plan will solve all our problems and the data is readily available for immediate implementation when the switch is flipped from Holyrood to Muskrat Falls.

There are five tax brackets on the income tax form. If the government can discriminate on tax rates, why not electricity rates?

Give the low-income individual a break and start with 10 cents per kwh, then add five cents per bracket.

Low and behold problem solved, salvation for the masses, the rich be damned.

Yes, many will be paying 10 cents, but when you tally up all the civil servants on the sunshine list it’s a bonanza.

Now some may ask “why stop there? Let’s extend this to pork chops, pasta and petroleum.”

Be patient friends, when climate change reduces us to one or two Marine Atlantic crossing per month we’ll address the other necessities of life — one boondoggle at a time!

P.S. The bonus is Danny Williams and the Galway gang will all be paying 30 cents per kilowatt hour.

Barry W. Bailey,


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