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LETTER: A province on the edge

The current Newfoundland and Labrador Coat of Arms
Newfoundland and Labrador coat of arms. — Submitted photo

After 69 years of Confederation, 69 years of lies, deceit and manipulation, we have been rendered to teetering on the precipice of bankruptcy.

After 30 years of dirty oil, after 60 years of hydro development, after a lucrative fishery that once was, after forestry and paper mills that once stood, we have reached that regressive pinnacle from which there is no return. For 69 years we have been inundated by successive governments, including this inept one, about the vast array of riches in our midst only to painfully see those precious resources dissipate to external forces.

We are an empty land devoid of political leadership, devoid of a moral compass. This government, in its ill-conceived wisdom, has the audacity to go before the cameras and announce that we, the taxpayers, won’t have to pay for this $20-billion boondoggle — yes folks, expect $20 billion; we’ve been stuck on $12.7 billion for awhile and the creditors are coming.

This, folks, has become theatre; a dance; a manipulation of broken promises; a play unfolding. Very predictable!

How gullible, how naïve, how vulnerable does the premier think we are? I suppose that remains to be seen. After all, the provincial election is 12 months away. Over on Columbus Drive we have managed to create a monster called Nalcor that has sucked the life out of the citizens of this place. We have had 30 years of a major catastrophic job creation project called aquaculture that has bankrupted us to the tune of a billion and counting, not to mention the desecration of wildlife and environment.

This, folks, has become theatre; a dance; a manipulation of broken promises; a play unfolding. Very predictable! Enough is enough! After 69 years we have been sending puppeteers to Ottawa on Ottawa's behalf, not on our dial. The prime minister has the present Silent 7 on side. Not good enough, folks. We have to mobilize. We have to march en masse and demand back our democracy. We have this small window of opportunity in a year to throw out these 40 multi-millionaires and to replace them with 40 independents, independent of party lines with a clear message and a mandate from us, the people.

We have lost every battle with Quebec. We have seen the province of Nova Scotia walk away from Muskrat smiling all the way to the bank. Shameful, indeed! This government has reached out to one of the poorest countries on the equator, the country of Ecuador, for the development of our oil fields. This government has imported a company from Norway and, handed them a blank cheque or aquaculture.

As has been pointed out by many observers, this situation has become untenable, not sustainable. No thanks to successive governments and this present one, we are indeed staring down the black hole of receivership, whatever form that may take.

God guard thee, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Jeremiah Perry
St. John’s

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