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Letter: Airport musicians had the right attitude

Liam Carrigan sings Grey Foggy Day, while Sheldon Thornhill and Sheldon Thornhill play along during a stopover at Toronto's Pearson's International Airport Tuesday evening.
Liam Corrigan sings "Grey Foggy Day," while Sheldon Thornhill and Sheldon Thornhill play along during a stopover at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport last month. — Facebook

I write regarding Robin Short’s recent article in The Telegram, “Newfoundlanders perpetuate their own stereotypes.”

As a fellow Newfoundlander, living out of province, I find this article concerning. Why I am concerned may surprise you.

Often in life, one’s own mental and physical health is often determined by how we perceive and react to events that happen in our life. Our physiological reaction is driven by our attitude and our ability to make the best of the situation. Which, in my view is exactly what these gentlemen from Newfoundland did at the time.

They took their God-given talents, which just so happened to be the love of Newfoundland music and culture, and gracefully shared them with everyone in attendance — ultimately, helping those around them feel more relaxed and less stressed about a situation which was out of their control.

Attitude, you see, is a powerful tool, and often one of the greatest attributes of the people from Newfoundland, and something we should all be very proud of.

Based on the article, I would suggest Short ask himself how he would have reacted in this situation. Would his attitude be something all Newfoundlanders could be proud of?

I highly recommend the motivational book written by Keith Harrell, “Attitude is Everything.” It certainly changed my life, and may help reduce stress and improve how you are perceived by your fellow Newfoundlanders around you.


Shawn Joy


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