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Letter: Anti-gun content was ill-informed, and typical

I am writing today in response to your Oct. 3rd editorial “Too many guns,” the totally idiotic editorial cartoon you published ridiculing gun owners (Oct. 10) and, finally, the mindless drivel written by Wayne Norman in a letter to the editor (“Of monsters and the possible”) in the Oct. 14 Telegram.

First, the “Too many guns” article. You obviously have little knowledge of firearms, and if you knew how many guns of the type you fear most were in Canada and Newfoundland and Labrador, as well, you would probably be shocked and terrified.

If Canada had the same population as the United States, there would probably be just as many guns here and just as much crime. What you “antis” can never figure out is that all guns, no matter the type, are inanimate objects that can do nothing without a human to operate them — just like knives and other edged implements, automobiles and even the sticks and stones that have killed countless people through the ages. Just about anything can and has been used improperly to kill and maim. Guns are no different.

The Vegas shooter could have driven a large vehicle into that massive crowd and probably killed and injured just as many and possibly more. Does that mean that someone using a car for transportation will become a monster?

Next, that cartoon. It shows complete contempt toward all legitimate gun owners (a lot of the people that buy your paper). Other than that, it doesn’t warrant any further comment.

Finally, to address the garbage being spouted by Wayne Norman. I would like to ask how he will get the millions of law-abiding female gun owners and users to go along with his fantasy? These people are every bit as attached to their firearms as men are. In the U.S., a lot of females and males carry firearms for the self-defense that police can’t always provide. Are you expecting these people to choose to give up their only means of defense and leave their selves open for criminals to abuse them as they want? The comparisons you made in your fantasy world have absolutely no relevance to your argument. Also, your vilifying of the National Rifle Association and the second amendment is totally without merit. The NRA preaches gun safety and is devoted to freedom against tyrants. They are a much-loved organization to people who want to stay free.

There are possibly 400 million guns in the U.S. and if authorities know where one-quarter of them are, they would be lucky. There are plenty of gun control laws in the U.S. and they work as well as they do anywhere, which is not at all.

In closing, I’d never have to choose between my wife and my guns, because I can’t have one without the other. And don’t state that I, like you, had never heard of bump fire stocks before Vegas. I have known of them for years.


Scott Manning, proud member of the
National Firearms Association and the NRA

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