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Letter: Appreciate the support for our community

Thank you, Everett Hobbs, for writing your wise letter in The Telegram on Dec. 24 last year (“Choose your words wisely”) concerning how people can label individuals and groups as if their identity was wrapped up in a word — the drunk, the robber, the hopeless case, the ex-con. We especially thank you for you references to L’Arche!

We, at Cornerstone Housing Society — A L’Arche Project, have been living the L’Arche philosophy with our core members. Core member is the name used in a L’Arche community for a member with intellectual disabilities, because they are the core of the community. Cornerstone Housing Society has been in the St. John’s region for about five years and recently received status as a project of L’Arche. We hope that in the near future we will have a L’Arche home in the area. The emphasis here is the word “with” — one of the key words at L’Arche. We do as much as is possible with the core members within our community and in the larger community. 

Anybody who would like to join us — even be it only to check us out — is very welcome. We have monthly meetings of social get-togethers, activities and town-hall style meetings as well. To find out more about us, who we are and what we are, about please visit, or or email us at

Petra Sunner, member
Cornerstone Housing Society
— A L’Arche Project
St. John’s


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