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Letter: Bell Island could see a resurgence

The MV Legionnaire docked at Bell Island.
The MV Legionnaire docked at Bell Island. — Telegram file photo

Bell island can be the community it once was.

The average home in Portugal Cove costs upwards of $300,000 and has but a postage stamp of land. The once beautiful rocky landscape is disappearing at a dramatic rate, and being replaced by folks who wish to build a bigger, more elaborate home so they can outdo their neighbours and have a beautiful view of Bell Island.

Portugal Cove is overcrowded.

Put in a reliable ferry service that accommodates residents, and people will be jumping over each other to find a spot to live within the confines of Bell Island’s natural beauty.

All those complaints of wasted money, and demands to relocate Bell Islanders — gone!

Jacqueline Young

Kitchener, Ont.

Soon to return to my hometown of Bell Island

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