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Letter: Burning questions for Danny the Dabbler

Letter to the Editor
A person would be forgiven for thinking Danny Williams’ Galway development would be completely electrically heated and lighted, a letter-writer observes.

I was thumbing through the real estate listings supplement in The Telegram, Weekend Edition, Jan. 13, when a few advertisements caught my discerning eye.

The three ads in question mention family homes — one the site of an open house the following day and two others carrying the proviso “To Be Built” — on Galway Boulevard in former premier Danny Williams’ much ballyhooed Galway development.

What caused me to sit up and take notice was that two houses boasted propane fireplaces and the other featured a fireplace and mini split system.

A person would be forgiven for thinking Danny’s development would be completely, absolutely, at least 100 per cent (if not more) electrically heated and lighted. No gas light (or heat) from our Danny.

Despite all the spiel from Danny and others about the glory and honour of Muskrat Falls, do these alternative sources of heat for single family homes in Galway, Newfoundland and Labrador make Danny Williams a naysayer?

Even though two centuries and a broad ocean separate me from Ireland, I am reluctant, unlike some other people, to lightly bandy about highly charged words, and so the fatuous moniker naysayer will have to do. Does this development make Williams a naysayer?

A while ago, Nalcor Energy president and CEO Stan Marshall was unfairly accused by the rock-throwing (bricks are for chimneys and fireplaces) corner boy Danny Williams of being the Boondoggle Buffoon. Is Williams then the Boondoggle Boulevardier?

Tom Careen

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