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Letter: Canada did the right thing

I write regarding Carmel Conway’s Dec. 19 letter, "Canada’s response on Jerusalem disappointing."

Canada deserves praise, instead of opprobrium, for standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel in opposing one-sided and biased anti-Israel United Nations resolutions.

It’s at the UN, every single day, that human rights offending nations single Israel out for criticism to deflect attention away from their human rights violations and state sponsorships of terrorism. Importantly, Canada commendably voted against a resolution that served to rejects Israel’s claims to Jerusalem. Consistent with previous governments, under the tutelage of Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, Canada voted against more than 20 UN resolutions that targeted Israel exclusively for censure. By standing in opposition to these hostile, biased, and one-sided UN resolutions targeting Israel, Canada stood with the United States, the Pacific island nations of Nauru and Palau, Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, as well as with the Jewish state itself. Canada showed moral courage and leadership in taking these principled positions.

The Jewish people’s unrenounced legal and religious claims to their historic and national homeland — a claim recognized by the international community and enshrined in legal instruments by the pre-UN League of Nations and Article 80 of the UN Charter — is routinely met with antipathy by anti-Israel detractors like Conway who delegitimize the Jewish people’s historical connection to Jerusalem, Israel’s proclaimed, united and eternal capital.

Importantly, despite the Jewish people’s continuous and unbroken physical presence in the land of Israel for over three millennia, Jews are not foreign occupiers of their own ancestral and biblical homeland.


Mike Fegelman, executive director
HonestReporting Canada

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