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Letter: Can’t we all just get along?


As a fifth generation Canadian it is very sad that we all cannot support each other, instead of bickering or boycotting each other’s services.
We have so many people in all provinces berating Alberta oil as polluters, and at same time most Canadian cities are dumping raw sewage into their rivers, that eventually ends in our oceans.
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Notley threat to cut off oil to others not a new tactic for Alberta

British Columbia and Quebec will not allow Alberta pipelines into their provinces, but are very quick to take transfer payments from Alberta’s oil revenue.
Quebec approved a cement plant in the Gaspé area with no environmental investigation, and it has been stated that even with the latest technology it will emit 1,7 million tonnes of greenhouse gases yearly.
They will not permit a pipeline to transfer Canadian oil to a refinery in New Brunswick, but rather risk Saudi Arabian or Venezuelan oil to be shipped by oil tanker up the St. Lawrence river.
Why do Canadians wish to financially punish each other, and in doing so enrich foreign dictatorships?

Ron Whitehorne
Almonte, Ont.

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