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Letter: Climate change deniers keep cranking out the same old claims

Islanders are being asked to comment online on the province's strategy to address climate change.
Climate change is scientifically proven. — Deposit photo

Gravity is not subject to opinion, any more than that carbon dioxide from burning coal and oil is already beginning to severely disrupt our normal weather.

For The Telegram to publish a letter (“Watch what you’re calling pollution,” Dec. 30) claiming that reducing our carbon dioxide emissions will reduce agricultural yields is irresponsible at best. This is a scientifically proven false claim that is repeated on purpose as part of the big lie that climate change isn’t real.

The letter gives a reference to a bogus event sponsored by the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based free market think-tank funded by Exon Mobile at the forefront of denying the scientific evidence for man-made climate change.
While there is an important debate to be had on the subject, publishing scientifically proven false information does not help the conversation.


Harold Chislett

St. John’s

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