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LETTER: Come From Away sparks pride in Gander, Canada

Letter to the editor
Letter to the editor - Google Images

Dear editor,

Last night (Oct. 31) my friend and I attended the play at the Royal Alex in Toronto, Come From Away. Although we were all aware of the happening in Gander when the planes were rerouted, I did not realize the extent of the incredible work done by the residents of Gander. I just did not realize how many days, were involved feeding all those people, the supplies etc. I think we downplay events because we just do what we have to do, like the adage "git ‘er done"

Well, never have I been prouder to be a Canadian and hats off all to all those residents in Gander. What they accomplished was phenomenal and many thanks to each and all.

Dianne Magee

Gananoque, Ontario

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