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Letter: Government is big on business

The Telegram’s June 3 edition had two headlines that particularly caught my interest, especially in the light of something I’d read the day before.

One of those headlines was on Pam Frampton’s column. It said “Money talks, politicians listen.” The other was on a news story announcing that the premier of Newfoundland and his cabinet were taking part in a cash-for-access event with the St. John’s Board of Trade (“$500 for a night with Ball”).

The story I’d read June 2 in The Western Star said the Newfoundland government was increasing the amount of income at which families qualified for a government subsidy to pay for child care. This seems to me to mean that our provincial government, so far from expecting employers to pay wages high enough to enable people to keep their children at home for a few years before they send them out to government-run schools where they will learn to revere free enterprise, is actually encouraging businesses to pay wages so low that their employees will not afford even to pay for child care on their own — if institutional child care is really what parents want to spend good money on. (Of course, kids spending all day in school and much of the night doing “homework” aren’t really apprentices to their parents in the art of bringing up children by their own enterprise with their own resources, anyway.)

So far as our government is concerned with helping families enjoy being families, therefore, it might seem that it wants mostly to help the families of businessmen.


Colin Burke
Port au Port

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