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LETTER: Legalization of marijuana does not start a Canadian downfall

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Regarding a July 4th letter as to the legalization of marijuana in Oct, the writer says “That is the day most Canadians who use it will be tested and fired” and “This is how other countries will take advantage of Canadians” because “Canada will bring in people from other countries to take their place.”  First of all, if anyone chooses to smoke and drive under the influence, wouldn’t any firing be their own fault and not the fault of any immigrant or their country?

As with alcohol, I hope people will smoke responsibly and NOT get behind the wheel. And while any policies put into place may not be perfect at first, the government and our police departments are trying to find the ways to keep our roads safe from ALL intoxicated drivers, no matter what the substance the driver may be using.

Also, the legalization of cannabis is NOT just for recreational purposes.  Let’s consider the hundreds of thousands of people suffering with chronic pain, cancer, seizures, anxiety/depression or any other debilitating disease. Many people cannot use chemical, man-made drugs because of the severe (sometimes lethal) side effects; or perhaps their current drugs are no longer effective. Still others choose marijuana as a treatment because they want to use a more holistic approach.

I believe that thousands of jobs will be generated from the creation of cannabis policies, legal grow operations, research & development, etc. And as a worldwide leader in this research, perhaps Canada will find a cure for some of these diseases or at the very least a healthier treatment.

In spite of the huge learning curve ahead of us, let’s try to keep an open mind. You never know what the next 10-20 years might bring!

Sandy Miles-Blaxland

Corner Brook NL

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