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Letter: Let your culture shine

Pearson Airport kitchen party, Toronto. — Screenshot
Pearson Airport kitchen party, Toronto. — Screenshot

Contrary to the opinion of your sports editor, I think the spontaneous party at Pearson Airport in Toronto was a testimony to what everyone loved, and is jealous of, in Newfoundland culture. What could be more human — and neighbourly — than breaking into song, dance and music.

How many regions of Canada apart from the Maritimes, French-Quebec and Newfoundland even have the slightest knowledge of their own culture and music? The strength of Newfoundland and its people is that you know who you are. More than most.

As English Canadians, we know much more about American culture and traditions than we do our own. I watched the video and was moved by images of a people who know who they are. Who know their musical traditions, and who can create community in an airport lounge.

So I say bravo to you. You warmed the hearts of scores of people who would have loved to be there, and especially would have loved to be a part of your culture. A culture not connected to Toronto and L.A., but connected to the time and place that is Newfoundland.

You enrich us all and we would grieve the loss of all that makes Newfoundland special.


Bill Ryan


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