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LETTER: Local columnists provide valued viewpoints

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I have been reading The Telegram for a long time and I have always been enriched by the various local columnists. I have not always liked their opinions but they bring a local dimension to the paper.

However, tucked away on page three of Saturday March 9’s Telegram was a very confusing Note to Readers announcement.

It confirmed cutbacks to just some of our local columnists to every two weeks, instead of weekly articles. There was none of the usual corporate rationale saying we are going on a different direction or why.

Take a look at local media in our province.

The Overcast is gone and since Jim Brown left there has been no open-line show at C.B.C. Radio station VOCM has cut back on their open line shows.

We have important issues with a provincial and a federal election this year. There is the ongoing Muskrat Inquiry.

In a democratic society we need a variety of viewpoints to be debated and brought to our attention.

Are there more cutbacks coming?

Just wondering if this is death by a thousand cuts?

Michael Boyle

St John's

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