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Letter: Minister’s clarification hasn’t changed a thing

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Kudos to federal Employment Minister Patricia Hajdu for clarifying the intent of the government with regards to who is ineligible to apply for a grant for the Canada Summer Jobs program, but the actual application form remains unchanged (the last time I looked). She reminds me of the salesman who says, “I know you don’t like the contract, but hey, we’ve discussed it, so sign it and we’ll work it out later.”

The question remains, is it good for a democracy that a government can require agreement to its “core values” in order for citizens to participate in public programs? It is one thing to say, “You can’t do that.” It is entirely another to say, “You have to say this.” The previous government tried to muzzle federally employed scientists so that they would not contradict the government regarding various topics.

That was bad enough. This is worse.

Joe Mroz
St. John’s

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