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LETTER: More on the rules of the road

The overpass at Carrick Drive on the Outer Ring Road in St. John’s is one of the pieces of infrastructure mentioned in a public dispute between major St. John’s developers over how equitably public money is used to build required infrastructure immediately outside large developments.
The overpass at Carrick Drive on the Outer Ring Road in St. John’s - Joe Gibbons

Further to and in support of recent letters by C.R. Lee of Paradise and P. Fitzpatrick of St. John’s, regarding keeping right except to pass on the TCH.

Perhaps some additional explanation is indicated. There are numerous multi-lane streets in St. John’s (Torbay Rd., Prince Philip Drive, etc.) where it is perfectly normal to drive in either lane and thus overtake traffic in either lane on a regular basis.

The simple reason for driving in either lane is that at some point you will be leaving that road and may be turning left or right.

Obviously, if turning left you will keep in the left hand lane until exiting unless you change lanes to overtake slower traffic. Speeds in town vary from 50 to 70 kph and a collision caused by an inattentive lane change from left to right, while very dangerous, will likely not be fatal.

On the TCH, whether heading east or west, there are NO left hand turns between Logy Bay Road and Whitbourne and thus no legitimate reason to drive constantly in the left hand lane.

The rules are clear and posted, either “keep right except to pass” or “slower traffic keep right.”

Persons who insist on driving in the left lane on the TCH risk other traffic overtaking them in the right lane and an inattentive lane change at that time at 100 or more kph will very likely prove fatal.

C. B. Strong

St. John’s

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