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Letter: Municipal Affairs should investigate Town of Paradise

The Town of Paradise and NAPE reach a deal. All town facilities will be open for business on Monday.
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In the Town of Paradise, the promotion of acting chief administrative officer (CAO) to permanent CAO was done at the September 2017 public meeting which was the last public meeting before the municipal election.
Before the acting CAO was promoted, the position was advertised with the required qualifications. Forty-eight people applied and six were interviewed, including the acting CAO. The committee doing the interviews comprised two councillors and the manager of human resources (who reported to the acting CAO), which I feel was a conflict of interest. In my opinion, the interviews should have been done by an independent group, and after the election when the new council was in place.

Ballot box mystery
Before the 34 ballot boxes from the municipal election were destroyed in the first week of October, there were candidates who requested a copy of the tally sheets and the list of streets associated with each of the 34 ballot boxes. The boxes were destroyed during the period when the unionized staff were locked out.
The chief returning officer or the deputy returning officer are the ones to authorize the boxes to be destroyed. I have been told that both were out of town when this was done. By law, the candidates were supposed to get their requested information before the boxes were destroyed. Why didn’t the candidates get the requested information? What was so urgent that the boxes had to be destroyed? Who authorized the boxes to be destroyed?
The issues I have outlined above should warrant an investigation by the Department of Municipal Affairs, and I am formally requesting the department to carry out this investigation.

Fred W. Brown, former mayor

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