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Letter: My residential school experience was positive

I wish to express my feelings through your newspaper regarding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s apology to former students of the residential school at Cartwright.

I’m proud to say that I spent two years at the former Lockwood School at Cartwright, and certainly did not see or hear any reason for Trudeau or anybody else to apologize. The late, great Sir Wilfred Grenfell worked tirelessly for most of his life to improve the living conditions of the people of coastal Labrador and northern Newfoundland. When I attended the residential school in 1951, there was a small hospital complete with a doctor and two nurses on staff year round, compliments of the Grenfell Association.

Four years prior to my attending the residential school, I attended the one-room public school at Cartwright. The one teacher there had a large leather strap that he used quite liberally on the students. During my two years at Lockwood, I never saw or ever became aware of the existence of any strap or cane at the school or dormitory. Discipline was maintained, but corporal punishment was seldom, if ever, used.

In my opinion, the prime minister should be honouring Sir Wilfred’s great work, instead of apologizing for it.


Solomon Davis

Conception Bay South

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