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Letter: N.L. has plenty to be proud of

As I read Robin Short’s article, “Newfoundlanders perpetuate their own stereotypes” (Nov. 22, 2017), I became incensed. I think he is way off the mark.

My husband and I were returning from a trip to New York City to see “Come From Away,” which provided many proud moments for us as Newfoundlanders. I don’t want to spoil the ending of the play for those who have yet to see it, but I personally felt that it was a fantastic, feel-good play for all those in attendance. And I felt the ending, in particular, was perfect.

So when we were finally sitting at the Toronto WestJet gate, with hours to wait for our departure, it was wonderful when Sheldon Thornhill and Sean Sullivan broke out their instruments to entertain us and help pass the time. And did it ever!

And when young Liam Corrigan stepped up and started singing by himself, it brought a tear to many of us there. What talent. I, too, do not appreciate being treated like the poor cousin of Canada, but I don’t see anything wrong with doing what we do best. It is never a mistake to be who you are — celebrate what makes you unique.

This province is slowly changing (take the face of downtown for example), and if we aren’t careful, we are going to end up like every other Canadian city. And I, for one, abhor that thought. I like that we have a great sense of humour — often dark — and that we aren’t afraid to make fun of ourselves. I like that we are an open and friendly people. I like that we have lots of musical talent. Anyone who travels knows that there is nothing fun about it, and Toronto’s Pearson Airport is probably one of the most trying airports to get through in the world (in my humble opinion). So, for Sean and Sheldon to step up and try to make the wait time more enjoyable was well received.

The WestJet gate is right outside the security area, where all passengers have to travel through, and I can tell you that many, many of them came and stood with the rest of us to enjoy the music. I don’t think a single one of them was thinking, it’s just a crowd of goofy Newfies!

It was another proud moment for me on the trip, and made coming home feel wonderful.


Kiki Brophy

St. John’s

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