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Letter: N.L. is Canada’s comedy central

Well, well, so Robin Short is ashamed of our Newfoundland heritage. He thinks it debases us.

I am sure the people who were in attendance at the Toronto airport appreciated the brief concert put on by two men and a little boy whose flight was delayed.

Well Robin, think about how boring Canadians were before Newfoundland joined the federation of Canadian provinces. We have brought humour and fun to Canada and taught us to laugh at ourselves.

The shows “22 Minutes” and “The Rick Mercer Report” have brought humour to our TV broadcasts, and previous shows like Codco and Buddy Wasisname have been uplifting for audiences whose lives were devoid of levity. Thank God our sense of humour and love of fun has helped many Canadians laugh with us, not at us.

A little humour in your sports writing might spruce up your own columns. I am not ashamed of our heritage and neither should you be. Anyone who thinks of us as stupid Newfies are themselves the stupid ones.

Lighten up Robin, and enjoy yourself.


Hubert Harnett

St. John’s

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