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Letter: N.L premier's pipeline stance is hypocritical

Premier Dwight Ball praised local volunteers, recreation groups and politicians on their commitment to the project.
Premier Dwight Ball

So Premier Dwight Ball supports the Kinder Morgan pipeline. How hypocritical is that?
He would not support Shoal Point Energy in their bid to drill on the West Coast where a few hundred protestors (mainly unemployed, retired and First Nations) forced the government to form a fracking review committee which eventually put a pause on fracking, but he supports the Kinder Morgan pipeline, of which a large number of people in British Columbia disapprove. Ball believes that “the environment and the economy can coexist and be very helpful.”

Has he changed his mind since he accepted the decision of his fracking committee to put a pause on fracking, a process that has been done safely in Alberta since the 70s? This decision has effectively blocked all oil development on the west coast of Newfoundland.
Looks like Premier Ball is quite content to let Alberta’s oil industry pay for Newfoundland’s social programs, thus allowing the 34 per cent unemployed on the Port au Port peninsula to stay on welfare and enjoy their pristine shoreline.

Good thinking, Mr. Ball. You really do have the best interests of Newfoundlanders at heart.

Amy King
St. Lambert, Que.

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