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Letter: Nothing goofy about airport entertainment

Pearson Airport kitchen party, Toronto. — Screenshot
Pearson Airport kitchen party, Toronto. — Screenshot

What is it with Robin Short? In his Nov. 22 column he wrote, “cue the hate mail here.” No, hate is not in our Newfoundland and Labrador culture. We are fun-loving people who look adversity in the eye and face it with music, song and dance. It is who we are, plain and simple.

In my opinion, what he writes looks a lot like hate literature written in the guise of “journalist licence.” Have we not learned our lesson? Our prime minister was just in Labrador to apologize to our Indigenous people for trying to beat the culture out of these fine and proud people. Does Robin Short want to set up residential schools in Newfoundland Labrador for all our musicians, singers and dancers, to beat the Newfoundland and Labrador culture out of them? Does he not understand why people want to come to Newfoundland Labrador?

Dozens of national and local TV, radio and newspapers ran this story without a hint of “Goofy Newfie” — whatever that means. It was a positive, feel-good story that showcased Newfoundland Labrador culture.

It is not people like Sean Sullivan, Sheldon Thornhill and Liam Corrigan who are goofy, but others. You know who you are.

Keith Windsor
Mount Pearl

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