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LETTER: Nothing is 100 per cent secure

Customers for Muskrat Falls power are described as a fundamental part of the "revenue pipeline" in documents tabled at the Muskrat Falls Inquiry. —
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The two bookend provinces of Canada, B.C and Quebec, are holding the rest of Canada at ransom.

I guess because there is little profit in it for them, they refuse to let Alberta get their oil to world market.

Quebec refused to let the oil pipeline pass through their province to New Brunswick where it could be refined and shipped to Europe, (the same way Newfoundland couldn’t get a corridor the build a transmission line to get our power from Churchill Falls to market). B.C., to appease a handful of do-gooders that are afraid of a spill that might pollute some land or water, refuse to let a pipeline cross their territory.

Maybe we should not let ships pass through our waters because they might pollute our waters and destroy our fisheries?

In order to advance we have to take chances. Nothing is 100 per cent secure, you do your best to eliminate all accidents, but if an accident happens, you clean it up and move forward.

When you pull your car out of your driveway, there is always a chance of getting into an accident, but you can’t remain forever in your driveway, oh you will be safe but you may starve to death.
Maybe Alberta should pay a little fee on each barrel of oil that they pump through these two provinces to make it worth their while.

I know we have a law in Canada that won’t let one province impede another province from getting goods across borders, but laws have to be enforced to be any good.

Maybe a federal government with some backbone would make all the difference, maybe we are too close to an election to get any action.
Canada’s economy has to take second place to getting reelected.

Everett Adams

Grand Falls-Windsor

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