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Letter: Opinions on immorality no match for the facts

I read David Jones’ letter of Sept. 23, where he conflated pedophiles, murderers and women who seek abortions, with much dismay.

Mr. Jones has every right to express ridiculous opinions, but that right does not protect him from being confronted with facts.

While I have little hope that Mr. Jones will evolve his opinion on the matter, I do hope this can serve as a teachable moment for this newspaper’s readership, such that we can advance the cause of equality and health-care services for women in Newfoundland and Labrador.

These are the facts: if you seek to restrict or eliminate access to abortion, you are advocating for women to suffer and die for lack of proper health care. The data are totally clear on this point. Abortions do not disappear when they are banned — they are driven underground and off the grid.

If you want to reduce unintended pregnancies that lead to abortions (which, by the way, are medically safe), then you need to expand access to evidence-based sex education that focuses on facts rather than fallacies. Humans are sexual creatures, and abstinence-only sex education has only one set of outcomes — increased levels of unprotected sex, teenage pregnancy, and ultimately, abortion. The data on that are clear as well.


Brett Favaro
St. John’s

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