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LETTER: Parking app unfair to anyone without a smartphone

The City of St. John’s mobile parking system on Harbour Drive has seen over 12,000 unique users with a total of 32,000 transactions since the pilot project was introduced last June, according to Coun. Debbie Hanlon. Before the system is rolled out throughout the city, the province’s privacy commission has asked that the city do a thorough privacy impact assessment.
. - Joe Gibbons

My letter is about an article in your paper of March 1 titled “Parking app raises privacy concerns.”

Maybe St. John’s City Councillor Debbie Hanlon should also be concerned about the inconvenience this type of parking causes to a not-so-small segment of the population in and around St. John’s who do not own or use smartphones.

I am one piece of that segment of people.

I feel I/we are being discriminated against by this new way to park on our beautiful Harbour Drive.

If this new type of parking system is rolled out to cover the whole city, then I/we won’t be able to park anywhere in St. John’s. And where is the “accessibility” in that?

Will this new system not provide any other means for us senior citizens to be able to park in St. John’s?

I feel we are being pushed aside in the city’s rush to modernize its parking problems.

W.F. Murphy

Mount Pearl

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